Pressing your face into the pillow eight hours a night for years will break down skin collagen and cause wrinkles. Since sleep wrinkles aren’t caused by muscle contractions, you can’t get rid of them with Botox. You can use all the tretinoin, retinoids, anti-wrinkle creams, and even sunscreens but that mechanical force is still acting on the skin
every night.

HYALUSILK, cosmetic pillowcase, uses the newest technology and was developed by certified beauty experts and scientists to fight signs of aging and make your skin & hair care routine easier.


We use the newest patented technology developed by leading European laboratory, this technology is based on micelles, microscopic cells that consist of hydrophilic and lipophilic layers. Microcapsules containing Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen Peptides are attached to the protein fiber. When HYALUSILK gets into contact with body heat,
moisture and movement, the layers get activated and start releasing their active ingredients. HYALUSILK pillowcases are laboratory tested and certified. We chose cosmetic substances to act synergistically with the protein fiber. According to our tests, cosmetic substances are still active and effective even after more than 30 washes. Protein
fiber will retain its cosmetic benefits and properties for years.


Hydrophobic - non absorbing

cosmetics or skin's moisture

Eliminates the pressure, prevents

formation of wrinkles

Stimulates cell regeneration,

replenishes hyaluronic acid levels

Antibacterial, hypoallergenic

Hydrophilic - absorbing

cosmetics or skin's moisture

Doesn't prevent

facial deformities and wrinkles

Friction caused by rough texture

can cause acne mechanica, not suitable for sensitive skin

Full of bacteria, fungi, dust mites, dust mite faeces